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Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Evaluation ofmorpho- physiological characteristicsin association with drought tolerance in potato genotypes (Solanumtuberosum L.)    Ph.D    shojaei noferest, kourosh    
2    Evaluation response of black cumin ( Nigella sativa L.) ecotypes to planting dates under Mashhad conditions    M.Sc.    javadi, fatemeh    0000-00-00
3    Evaluation of salt tolerance in sesame ecotypes (Sesamum indicum L.) with comparative physiological parameters    Ph.D    fazeli kakhki, seed fazel    0000-00-00
4    Modeling approach used in designing the ideotype of wheat for drought conditions in Mashhad plain relying on physiological characteristics    Ph.D    hosseinpanahi, farzad    0000-00-00
5    Evaluation of some physiological, morphological and agronomy traits related to salt tolerance in halophyte species, blue panic grass (Panicum antidotale)    Ph.D    Eshghizadeh, Hamid Reza    0000-00-00
6    Morphological and Physiological Characteristics of Wheat Root under Drought Stress    M.Sc.    moheb, zeinab    0000-00-00
7    Evaluation of Hydroponic Production of tomato under Saline Irrigation in Saveh, Iran            0000-00-00
8    Effects of seed priming on seed dormancy breakage, germination and stablishment of caparis (Capparis spinosa)            0000-00-00
9    Study the effect of salinity on some physiological aspects of chickpea under hydroponic conditions            0000-00-00
10    Study the effect of salinity levels and seed priming on germination and seedling properties of two medicinal plants species from Astraceae family            0000-00-00
11    Determination of plant transporation by measuring leaf temperature            0000-00-00
12    The ameleriation effects of Calsium and Pottasium on physiological aspects of Lentile in the presence of salinity            0000-00-00
13    Effects of different priming methods on germination of Kchia seeds under drought and salinity            0000-00-00
14    Evaluation of yield, yield component and water use efficiency of drought-resistant and drought-susceptible wheat cultivars to deficit irrigation in Mashhad            0000-00-00
15    The Study of Silicon Effect on Growth and Yield of Tomato under Salinity Stress            0000-00-00
16    Assessment the effects of combination stress of salinity and Zn on physiological properties, antioxidants activity and micronutrients content of زcorn and wheat (Triticum aestivum)            0000-00-00
17    Effect of calcium and potassium on amelioration of negative effects of salinity on some physiological characteristics Kochia (Kochia scoparia)            0000-00-00
18    Effect of organic and bio-fertilizers on yield, yield components and essential oils of Salvia leriifolia Benth.            0000-00-00
19    Investigation of nutritional role and nano and micro silicon efficiency, in hydroponically production of potato mini-tuber            0000-00-00
20    Investigation of nano and micro silicon effects on physiological and growth characters of corn, under cadmium stress in hydroponic condition            0000-00-00
21    Determination of optimal acidity and concentration of nano and micro sodium silicate on efficiency of foliar application of potato plant obtained from tissue culture            0000-00-00
22    Selection of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes for fall sowing in cold and high areas at control condition            0000-00-00
23    Selection of salt tolerant genotypes of chickpeas (Cicer arientum Kabuli) in seedling stage            0000-00-00
24    Evaluation and selection of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) deci types for salinity tolerance at seedling stage            0000-00-00
25    Early planting of potato in Mashhad conditions            0000-00-00
26    Screening for salt tolerance in lentil germplasm at seedling stage            0000-00-00
27    Evaluation of changes in dry matter and quality of potatoes by potassium and phosphorus solubilize and nitrogen fixation microorganisms            0000-00-00
28    Evaluation of anti-stress compounds on physiological characteristics, yield and quality of potato under saline irrigation condition            0000-00-00
29    Investigation of nano and micro sodium silicate effects on physiology and growth of wheat, under salt stress in hydroponic condition            0000-00-00
30    Screening of deci Chickpea genotypes (Cicer arietinum L.) for cold tolerance            0000-00-00
31    Evaluation of integrated nutrition bio and chemical fertilizer on yield and yield component of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)            0000-00-00
32    Evaluation of dynamics and nitrogen efficiency of grain sorghum varieties under water stress condition    Ph.D    riahinia, shahram    2010-03-06
33    Study of physiological traits and yield of some sesame ecotypes    M.Sc.    keshmiri, ehsan    2010-03-14
34    Interaction of salinity and deficit irrigation on yield and quality of cotton cultivars and determining water – salinity production function    Ph.D    najafi mood, mohammad hosein    2010-03-21
35    Effect of different phosphorus levels and application of humic acid on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) roots growth    M.Sc.    jamshid einy, mehdi    2010-04-04
36    study germination improvement and plant stablishment of Suaeda fruticosa by priming with salicilic acid application in the presence of salinity    M.Sc.    rahimi, reza    2010-09-25
37    Determination of some processing affected properties (mechanical, physical, aerodynamic properties) of kochia seed.    M.Sc.    smaeeli, ehsan    2010-10-12
38    The investigation of biological yield and forage quality of four barley cultivars (Hordium vulgare) in saline condition.    M.Sc.    rahimi, reza    2010-11-06
39    Analysis of environmental heterogeneity impacts on carbon and nitrogen partitioning, growth, yield and qualitative characteristics of (Allium altissimum ).    Ph.D    Eyshi Rezaei, Ehsan    2010-12-19
40    Effect of moisture and cold stress on agronomical and physiological traits and active components of Salvia lerrifolia Benth.    Ph.D    dashti, Majid    2010-12-19
41    Effects of drought and UV stresses both separately and combined on physiological properties, antioxidants activity, as well as on quantitative and qualitative values of black cumin (Bunium persicum) yield    Ph.D    Saeidnejad, Amir Hossein    2010-12-19
42    Evaluation of morphophysiological responses and antioxidative enzymes activity in cotton genotypes ( Gossypium hirsutum ) under drought stress    Ph.D    Mehrabadi, Hamid Reza    2010-12-19
43    Qualitative and Quantitative Study of Forage Production in Intercropping of Kochia (Kochia scoparia L.) with Blue panic grass (Panicum antidotale) under Irrigation with Saline Water    M.Sc.    farajian, mohammad ali    2011-04-11
44    Study some physiological traits of purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.) under drought stress, deficit irrigation and different methods of irrigation    Ph.D    rahimi, zainab    2011-04-16
45    The study of effect of different methods applications of zinc on the physiological and morphological characteristics of corn in drought conditions    M.Sc.    mazrooi, sedighe    2011-04-27
46    The study of physiological and morphological characteristic of root and shoot of new and old barely cultivars    M.Sc.    moshfeghi, narjes    2011-05-03
47    Effects of irrigation levels and sowing depth on seed and bulb yield in plant shallots (Alliumm altissimum Regel ) in mashhad weather condition    M.Sc.    sharif rohani, milad    2011-05-15
48    Effect of silicon and salicylic acid on some morphophysiologic and biochemical traits of (Lolium perenne var.fancy)grass under salt stress    M.Sc.    Mohammadi, Mahsa    2011-09-20
49    Evaluation of salinity tolerance in native Festuca arundinacea population in order to use in green space    Ph.D    mousavi bazaz, azadeh    2011-09-20
50    Evaluating the salinity and regulated deficit irrigation Interaction on maize component yield and yield and determination of water – salinity production function    Ph.D    shirmohamadi ali akbar khani, zahra    2011-09-26
51    Evaluation of field grown Mentha (Mentha piperita L.) to cold tolerance under laboratory conditions    M.Sc.    Kheirkhah, Tayebeh    2011-10-22
52    Evaluation of cold tolerance of black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) ecotypes under controlled conditions    M.Sc.    khorsandy, Tahere    2011-10-22
53    Study the biology of invasive turnip weed ( Rapistrum rugosum)    M.Sc.    fuladi, siamak    2011-12-16
54    Assessing the Effect of Combined Salinity and Drought Stresses on Tomato Yield in Soilless Culture    Ph.D    faalian, ahad    2011-12-31
55    Modeling the effects of salinity stress and deficit irrigation on the growth process of two cultivars of canola    Ph.D    yazdani, vahid    2011-12-31
56    Comparison of two Iranian shallot (Allium altissimum and Alium hirtifolium) based on anatomical and morpho-physiological characteristics ,response to hormonal treatments and the process canopy    Ph.D    sabzevari, samira    2012-03-04
57    Study of physiological and biochemical aspects of natural, artificial ageing and priming on seeds of canola    Ph.D    Yanegh, Abdol jalil    2012-03-05
58    Evaluation of some physiological morphological and agronomy traits related to drought tolerance in Fenugreek(Trigonella foenum-graecum) in the lab, green house and farm condition    Ph.D    ehyaee, hamidreza    2012-03-05
59    Evaluation of seed germination characteristics of Nepeta bracteata Benth and its cardinal temperature determination    M.Sc.    mellati, hajar    2012-04-15
60    study of variation in root traits and seed yield of tow spice wheat(Triticum aestivum) and (T.durum) in drought stress    Ph.D    bagheban khalilabad, sadegh    2012-04-15
61    Effects of various arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi species on potato morphophysiological    Ph.D    khaninejad, saeed    2012-04-15
62    Evaluation and comparison of morphological and anatomical characteristics of roots in the vegetative growth phase and stress oxidative accumulation of aluminum in roots of different genotypes of triticale (Triticosecale× wittmack)    M.Sc.    Shaabanifar, Nahid    2012-04-15
63    An investigation on adaptive strategies ecological impacts of Salsola arbusculiformis ,at rangeland of Garmeh, in Northern Khorasan, Province.    M.Sc.    bagherzadeh, hossein    2012-05-12
64    Cardinal temperatures and determine the effects of drought and salinity on germination and seedling growth of three varieties of rapeseed    M.Sc.    moradi, tayebeh    2012-06-17
65    Evaluation of chemical composition and potential digestibility of Kochia scoparia silage by using in vitro method    M.Sc.    Hamedi, Melika    2012-07-01
66    Comparison of morphological and anatomical characteristics of roots in different genotypes of barely (Hordeum vulgare) in vegetative phase and the effect of oxidation stress caused by aluminum on the roots in these genotypes    M.Sc.    amini, zahra    2012-07-01
67    Influence of influx and efflux of nitrate on nitrate accumulation in lettuce and spinach    M.Sc.    gheshlaghi, zahra    2012-07-07
68    Effects of freezing stress on growth and physiological traits of garlic (Allium sativum L.) ecotypes under controlled conditions    M.Sc.    pazireh, safiyeh    2012-09-21
69    Comparison of hydroponic and aeroponic performance and effects of application of plant growth regulators, different concentrations of nitrogen and pH on the production of potato minitubers    Ph.D    Keshmiri, Ehsan    2013-01-05
70    Evaluation of physiological and growth characteristics of some Fenugreek landraces under cold stress    Ph.D    Mirmiran, Seyede mahbobeh    2013-01-05
71    Investigation of physiological role of foliar application of nano silicon particles and plant growth regulators on hydroponically production of potato mini-tuber    Ph.D    saadatian, bijan    2013-01-06
72    Evaluation of ecophysiology and Bioclimatology of rainfed Wheat using field and simulation models    Ph.D    armandpisheh, omid    2013-01-06
73    Effects of water flooding stress, Nitrogen application and terminal drought stress on yield and quality of stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) extract in Rasht region    Ph.D    Pordel, Reyhaneh    2013-01-13
74    Habitat zonation Allium altissimum in Khorasan Razavi    Ph.D    Norooziyan, Ali    2013-01-13
75    Potato mini tuber production improvement by enhancing the different green house sowing bed conditions and soil with Nano-clay, clay and silicon    Ph.D    soltani, mahdiyeh    2013-01-15
76    Study of salinity stress tolerance in some weed species and evaluation of the efficacy of glyphosate herbicide in weed control in salinity    Ph.D    Mehdikhani, Hadi    2013-01-27
77    Investigation of morpho-physiological properties and kaolin treatment in relation to green skin cracking and aflatoxin content of six pistachio fruit cultivars during growth    Ph.D    zarei mohamadabad, mehdi    2013-02-06
78    Alternative medium composition for peat moss and other media compounds for melon seedlings    M.Sc.    soltani, yalda    2013-05-05
79    Evaluation of growth and physiological suger beet (Beta vulgaris L.) affected by freezing stress under controlled conditions    M.Sc.    Eltejaei, Samaneh    2013-05-05
80    Effect of day length on tuber formation of potato cultivars mini tuber controlled conditions    M.Sc.    setayesh, reyhaneh    2013-05-05
81    Comparison of salt torelance physiological charactristics in ten Iranian and Pakistani bread wheat cultivars    M.Sc.    navidi, azade    2013-05-05
82    Effects of paclobutrazol on improvment of freezing tolerance in Black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) in controlled conditions    M.Sc.    Nejatollahi, Monireh    2013-05-05
83    The effect of different levels of potassium on physiological and morphological characteristics of kochia scoparia on the deficit irrigation    M.Sc.    Hosseini Giv, Sanaz    2013-05-05
84    Evaluation of effects of fertilizer and effective microorganisms on saffron flower and corm in Rivash town condition.    M.Sc.    maddahi, saeide    2013-05-05
85    Morphological and physiological responses of Ornamental Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) to Potassium Chloride, Nano Potassium Chelate and Putrescine treatment under drought conditions    Ph.D    kahrobaiyan, maryam    2013-06-26
86    Effect of deficit irrigation and salinity management on physio-morphological characteristics of Kochia scoparia under greenhouse and farm conditions    Ph.D    Moosavifar, Bibi Elahe    2013-09-16
87    Evaluation of morphophysiological characteristics of Plantago major under drought stress    Ph.D    Jafari, Hamid Reza    2013-09-16
88    Title: Evaluation of physiological aspects and application of plant regulators on improving salinity tolerance in pistachio(pistacia vera).    Ph.D    ALIPOUR SHAMSABAD, HAMID    2013-09-16
89    The effect of different levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potasium on physiological, morphological characteristics and essential oil of (salvia lerrifolia)    Ph.D    amini, masoud    2013-09-16
90    Study the effects of sowing dates,water stress and nitrogen levels on phenological changes, yield and yield components of spring wheat cultivars in order to use the results in Agricultural Insurance Fund    Ph.D    Ashna, Mohammad    2013-09-17
91    The study of phonological changes in winter wheat cultivars due to planting dates, drought stress and nitrogen levels in association with yield and yield component    Ph.D    bijandi, ali    2013-09-17
92    The effect of plant growth regulators and CO2 elevation on productivity and yield of potato minitubers    Ph.D    Ahmadi Lahijani, Mohammad Javad    2014-01-05
93    Effect of deficit irrigation on morphophysiological traits and yield of pinto bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) genotypes    Ph.D    Karimzadeh Soureshjani, Hedayatollah    2014-01-05
94    lInvestigation of the effect of seeds inoculation of chickpea with arbuscular mycorrhiza and like-endomycorrhiza in response to drought stress    Ph.D    Arshadi, Mohammad Javad    2014-01-05
95    The first study of physiological and molecular salt tolerant mechanisms in primary and compost lines of new cereal tritipyrum in comparison to improved cultivars of Iranian bread wheat    Ph.D    Kamyab, Maryam    2014-01-05
96    Effects of some organic fertilizers and salicylic acid on growth and yield of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) under different irrigation regimes.    Ph.D    gholami, mahmoud    2014-01-05
97    Investigation the effect of Piriformospora indica on morphological and physiological characteristics and yield of two rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars under different water deficit irrigation regimes    Ph.D    AGHAJANI DELAVAR, ABED    2014-01-05
98    Assessing the potential of native species of mycorrhizal fungi to improve salinity tolerance in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)    Ph.D    oskoueian, armin    2014-01-11
99    Study of physiology and yield of potato cultivars released in the last 30 years under deficit irrigation conditions    Ph.D    Nouri, Alireza    2014-01-11
100    Effect of nitrogen and humic acid levels on physiological characteristics of Kochia (Kocchia Scoparia) under drought stress with saline water in field and greenhouse condition    Ph.D    kooshki, leila    2014-01-11
101    Study of the effect of levels of irrigation, nitrogen and potassium on growth characteristics, physiological and yield of halophyte species, blue panic grass (Panicum antidotale Retz.)    Ph.D    Jouyban, Zeinolabedin    2014-01-11
102    Evaluation of promising lines of rapeseed response to delay plantings in terminal drought stress conditions    Ph.D    Chegeni, Homayoun    2014-01-11
103    Study the effects of mechanical stress on some agronomical, morphological and physiological characteristics and lodging quantification of two wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum)    Ph.D    Khajeh poor, Reihaneh    2014-01-11
104    Evaluation of hydro and osmo-priming on germination, seedling establishment, growth aspects and yield of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) under drought stress.    Ph.D    shariatmadari, mohammad hossein    2014-01-12
105    Evaluation of physiological and growth characteristics of Plantago major under salinity stress conditions    Ph.D    khatamian, navid    2014-01-12
106    Comparison of morphophysiological characteristics and nitrogen use efficiency in old and new cultivars of barley    Ph.D    fanoodi, farzad    2014-01-12
107    Interaction of cold and drought stress and salicylic acid application on morpho-physiological and biochemical traits in Maize cultivars (Zea mays L.).    Ph.D    Tarighaleslami, Mohsen    2014-01-12
108    ‌study of irrigation amount and method effect and foliar fertilization on photosynthesis level and yield of saffron    Ph.D    KARIMIFEREZGHI, MOHAMMAD    2014-01-12
109    Study on growth and physiological triats of some tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) under cold stress conditions    Ph.D    soltanahmadi, abdoallah    2014-01-12
110    Effect of different light sources on growth, morphology and potato minituber production in vitro conditions    M.Sc.    asadi, ali    2014-04-09
111    Evaluation of Bentonite, use of salisilic asid and Deficit Irrigation on Growth and Yield of Two Cultivars of Commercial Iranian Melon (Cucumis melo L.).    Ph.D    Nastari Nasrabadi, Hossein    2014-04-15
112    Effect of ecotype and maturity stage of Kochia scoparia (Bassia scoparia (L.) A.J.Scott) on in vitro ruminal Nitrogen metabolism and in vivo production responses of Holstein lactating cows    Ph.D    FALAHATIZOW, JAVAD    2014-05-04
113    The study of physiological and phonological aspects of common wheat cultivars in north khorasan under the influence of cold stress in controlled and farm conditions    Ph.D    kariman, mohammad    2014-06-08
114    Evaluating the possibility use of vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides) and degrading bacteria for refining crude oil contaminated-soils    Ph.D    Kiamarsi, zahra    2015-01-03
115    Effect of seed priming and paclobutrazol spraying on physiological characteristics and yield of pinto bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) under drought stress    Ph.D    ghalandari, somayeh    2015-01-04
116    Ecological valuation of different rates of intercropping of cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) with shallot (Allium altissimum Regel.L)    M.Sc.    meshkani, javad    2015-03-02
117    Effects of water deficit on morpho-physiological traits, yield and yield components of old and new cultivars of corn (Zea mays L.) with different maturity duration    Ph.D    hosseinnia davatgar, amirmohammad    2015-06-21
118    Production of F1 Tomato Hybrids and Evaluation of their Morphophysiological and Qualitative Traits under Salt Stress    Ph.D    Nezami, Somayyeh    2015-09-29
119    Investigating the possibility of combining chemical and non-chemical methods in saffron weed management and optimization of Herbicides Performance    Ph.D    Hosseini evari, zahra    2016-02-21
120    Evaluation of Cold Tolerance in Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) Under Controlled Conditions    M.Sc.    Hasanfard, Alireza    2016-04-02
121    Evalvation of cold tolerance in lentil (Lens culinaris) genotypes under field and controlled conditions    Ph.D    Gholami Rezvani, Nasim    2016-05-08
122    Effect of Nutrient Management, Irrigation and Growing Media on Morphology, Physiology and Biochemistry of Medicinal Plant Brazambal (Perovskia abrotanoides karel.)    Ph.D    Haghighat Shishavan, Zhaleh    2016-05-08
123    Study Compatibility mechanisms of Medicago to lime-induced chlorosis (iron deficiency) in Different levels of lime in soil    Ph.D    Gheshlaghi, Zahra    2016-06-11
124    Evaluation of freezing tolerance of six canola cultivars under greenhouse and field conditions    M.Sc.    keshavarz, behnam    2017-03-02
125    Evaluation of salinity tolerance in chickpea genotypes under field conditions    M.Sc.    nasiri, zahra    2018-06-17
126    Study of bare root transplanting of sugar beet in order to improve water productivity and root yield    M.Sc.    darban razavi, amir hosein    2019-07-21